How to get Israeli citizenship

Israeli citizenship is granted  to Jewish people by virtue of the return to Israel, the Jewish Homeland, as well as to their family members: husband, wife, child, grandchild, spouse of a child and spouse of a grandchild even if they are not Jews, although Marriage to an Israeli citizen does not automatically grant Israeli citizenship  and a foreign person who marries an Israeli citizen is not entitled to receive citizenship under the Law of Return, but under section 7 of the Citizenship Law, which stipulates that a spouse of an Israeli citizen can obtain Israeli citizenship by naturalization.


While citizenship is granted to Jews when they prove to be Jewish, for non-Jewish immigrants, even those married to an Israeli citizen in a legal, Honest and genuine marriage, the road to obtaining Israeli citizenship is long, not simple and even difficult and complicated, And the steps to be taken before the Israeli Ministry of the Interior needs to be accurate and well thoughtful at first, otherwise the long process can be negatively affected, delayed, and even cancelled.

 getting Israeli citizenship by marriage

Granting citizenship by virtue of marriage to an Israeli citizen is given according to section 7 of the law. The Ministry of the Interior has a procedure numbered 5.2.0008 that determines the naturalization procedure. This procedure can be seen as the relief given to foreign spouses of Israeli citizens compared to other foreign nationals seeking to become citizens not by virtue of marriage. The essence of the arrangement is the existence of a procedure that consists of several stages. Initially enter into a graded procedure and then a number of concessions are given, on the fundamental assumption that the relationship between the spouses is genuine and that the center of their mutual life as a married couple is in Israel, in order to facilitate the married life during the graded procedure for naturalization, which last about 5 years;


First, a temporary residence permit is issued, type B / 2 for three months, during which an examination of the existence of a family unit in Israel, the sincerity of the relationship, a criminal background or the existence of a security impediment on the part of the foreign spouse. If the examinations are normal -- the foreign spouse will receive a B / 1 residence and work permit, for about six months, and will begin the graded procedure for an Israeli citizenship by Marriage, during which the Marriage will continue to be examined periodically, especially the sincerity and stability of the marriage and that the center of life as a married couple is in Israel.  After approximately six months The permission Will be changed from B / 1 to A / 5, which means living in Israel as a temporary resident, receiving the right to health insurance and social security, like an Israeli citizen.

If the spouses’ periodic inspections are normal and the marriage has been proven to be genuine, stable and centered in Israel, and no other impediment has been found, after 4.5 approximately the foreign spouse can become a citizen of Israel.

Although it seems a relief has been made with foreign spouses of Israeli citizens by virtue of marriage – spouses need to Understand the far reaching consequences that can be made by their simple answers on any periodic exam, and that it can take one mistake on one exam to Impair the graded process, delay it and even undo it all.


More reasons for obtaining Israeli citizenship;

citizenship which granted by virtue of the return; Judaism is a crucial factor in obtaining immediate citizenship by law on section 2, and citizenship which granted to non Jews;  a person who was present in Israel on the eve of the establishment of the state; A person born to a parent who is an Israeli citizen on section 3. Section 4 deals with A non-Jewish person who was born in Israel and has no other citizenship


The broad authority of the Minister of the Interior allows him to grant citizenship while ignoring the requirements set forth in the law, and implemented in special cases only when it comes to an outstanding person, athlete or an essential player in a representative sports team, etc.


To sum up: reality shows that a foreign spouses of Israeli citizens and Applicant generally needs a precise Knowledge and professional tactics while facing the Immigration Authority and the broad authority of the Minister of the Interior regarding the citizenship obtaining, while a mistake during the procedure can obstruct the whole procedure and even preventing its continuation.


Practically proficient in the Israeli Immigration matter is the main key for obtaining citizenship successfully, and in most cases will shorten the procedure, and save time and money for the applicant.


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