Inviting family members from abroad


Usually, a tourist who wants to enter Israel has the duty to present the Israeli consulate in his home country the visa application for a Tourist B/2 visa. However, in exceptional cases the family member – the Israeli inviter, can submit the application in the Population Administration office in his living area in Israel. Application will be reviewed subject to compliance with the conditions. Foreigner staying in Israel will not be able to invite other foreigners.
The Interior Ministry has the authority to require a bank guarantee when there is suspicion of settling in Israel, For example: Illegal stay in Israel in the past, a statement in the application which raises the suspicion of settling, etc., with the Bureau manager’s approval.

The required banks guarantee is₪ 15,000 and for a companion minor ₪ 5,000, ordered to the Interior Ministry and valid for one year. In exceptional cases it will be considered increasing or decreasing the amount of the guarantee by the recommendation of the Bureau manager’s recommendation and with the Population Administration approval.

The normative framework: 

As mentioned above, usually the applicant for a tourist B/2 visa should apply in the Israeli consulate in their home country. In exceptional cases, the Israeli inviter will be able to apply in the Israeli Population Administration offices in his living area.

A basic principle is that according to the Law of Entry to Israel, a non-Israeli citizen, who does not have a “newcomer” visa, need a visa to Israel and a residence permit. The discretion given to the Interior Minister with regard to issuing entry and residency permits in Israel is very broad, and expresses the sovereign nature of the state, determining who will enter the state’s gates, and who will not be able to enter and sit in it.
The authority of the Interior Minister to provide a three-month visitor’s permit, according to section 2(a) (2) to the Law of Entry to Israel, under section 3, the interior minister may extend this license up to a period of two years. In this matter, as in other matters under this law, the discretion of the minister (and who acts by delegation of authority from the Minister) is absolute, since section 9 of the Administrative Procedure Amendment law (Reasoning), stipulates that the obligation of reasoning does not apply to decisions made according to the entry into Israel Law.

This unusual power is probably resulting from the legislator’s opinion that a person who is not an Israeli citizen or a “newcomer” according to the Law of Return, has no right to enter or stay in Israel, only with permission, and even when he enters or stays in it lawfully, the Interior Minister is allowed at any time, according to sections 11 and 13, to cancel the visa or residence permit granted to him – even without providing any reason.

In practice, the closer the relative who invited the person, it is a bigger advantage when the Interior Ministry is reviewing the request. For this you should bring evidence that it is a close family relative, such as communication between the inviter and the invitee, shared photos, etc.

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