Receiving the status of a “Newcomer”

In Israel the status “Newcomer” is granted to those who wish to permanent residence in Israel under the Law of Return, and those who wish to become an Israeli citizen in every respect. The status of “newcomer” is granted for a fixed period, usually one year from the day the immigrant arrived in Israel, when at the end of the period, the newcomer receives an Israeli citizenship.
Please note that it is possible to become citizens under the Law of Return without having to go thru the route of a “newcomer”. However, in the route of “newcomer” in the immigrant and his family are granted with special benefits in the form of allowances, tax reductions and discounts in the purchase of a car and an apartment, and more. Therefore, the status of “newcomer” is extremely important.

The normative framework:

The right to immigrate to Israel, granted to every Jew under the Law of Return, is a basic right, with significant importance. Section 1 of the Law of Return established the principle that “Every Jew is entitled to immigrate to Israel”. This principle has been demonstrated in section 2(a), which states: “The immigration will be on the basis of a newcomer immigrant’s visa”.
No need to say much in these days, since this is a basic principle, of prime importance, and that its meaning is – in the words of Judge Sussman (then) in the matter of case 94/62, Gold V. the interior minister:
“The country’s gates are wide open to all Jews who wish to immigrate to Israel and settle in it”
See the statement of member of Knesset Wahrhaftig (then) in the debate in the Knesset on the law of Return (Amendment), 1954:
“The Law of Return is meant to state the principle that all the people of Israel throughout the world have a part in Israel, and when a Jewish person wants to return to his homeland, Israel, he is not an immigrant, but rather, a person who has returned to his homeland”.
The legislature states in section 2(b) an exception to the principle: “a newcomer visa will be given to any Jew who has expressed his desire to settle in Israel, unless the Interior Minister found that the applicant: (3) has a criminal past, likely to endanger public safety” (see section 3 (B)).
It is obvious that due to the supreme importance of the basic right as stated above, the exception must not be interpreted “widely”. Hence, God forbid, give it a meaning having that will empty the right. On the other hand, it is also important that when the Interior Minister comes to consider whether he should apply the exception to this case or another, he will do so, in a way that won’t fail the purpose of the exception. Regarding this Sussman said: “The State of Israel was established. As it is written in the Declaration of Independence, so it would be open for Jewish immigration and for the ingathering of the exiles. It was not established to serve as a home of those who have violated the laws of their countries of residence, and for this reason wish to escape from justice”.


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