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Immigration Lawyer -- Meaning and importance

The State of Israel is a country of immigration open to the Jews of the world, with immigration to which by virtue of return only foreign nationals with special status are allowed, which gives them the right to become citizens of Israel in accordance with Israeli law or in accordance with applicable legal principles. By virtue of the fundamental right of Israeli citizens to family life.

The government ministry that handles the civil status in Israel on behalf of the State of Israel is the Ministry of Interior, which manages the civil status procedures through the population and immigration authorities throughout the country, which are authorized on its behalf.

Israel is not an ordinary immigration state, and therefore most foreign nationals with a special status encounter difficulties stacking by Interior Ministry officials as a routine, which worsen over the years as more couples seek to enter under the auspices of a married couple. Unmarried known to the public of Israeli citizens, but encounter unnecessary delays, refusals of requests and orders of expulsion from Israel without legal ground.

Therefore, it is recommended even before the procedure with the Authorities to seek advice and guidance at a civil status law firm that specializes exclusively in civil status and immigration only, whose lawyers know and work on a daily basis in front of the competent bodies of the Ministry of the Interior.


Finding a lawyer in the field of civil status and immigration to Israel

Usually, the first application to a law firm is made in a situation where the client has received a refusal from the Ministry of the Interior, a rejection of an application for status or a deportation order from Israel within a short time.

Even in such a tight time situation, the most suitable and skilled law firm must be located to solve your problem, mainly through the impression of reading or hearing testimonies from applicants who were in your situation as Israeli spouses, who received the correct and accurate professional treatment according to law, an impression of the seniority and reputation of the lawyers in the firm, the successes of the firm in appeals and petitions in the courts and tribunals, which testify to skill and professional management ability.


  • Israel Immigration Lawyer David Angel explains the immigration process to Israel:

It is also important to be as impressed as possible by the way in which the interpersonal conduct is combined with the professional assertiveness of the Advocate who is supposed to handle your case. An attorney with a comfortable character and unmediated approach to others combined with professional assertiveness will usually testify for a relaxed and professional conduct during the handling of your case even when the procedure is accompanied by tensions and difficulties.


A good Immigration lawyer is not only the professional expert in the specific legal field, but also one who knows, alongside the assertiveness, to communicate as optimally and pleasantly as possible with the competent bodies in the Population Authority, the courts, and give courteous and patient service to his clients.

It is important to be impressed by the actual practical testimonials of the firm’s clients, whether by Video or in writing, about the law firm you are considering taking for your representation.

Examine the degree of trust the lawyer instills in you during the consultation call/meeting and whether the feeling is that you will be treated by him in the best professional way possible.

the fee required by the law Firm must be ascertained and checked that it is proper and fair to what is required in other law firms, and matches the lawyer’s expertise, achievements and years of seniority. It is worthwhile to calculate the many financial expenses that are expected of you (departure from Israel, return, loss of working days in Israel, expenses abroad, etc.) without skilled and accurate legal treatment, which sometimes streamlines the discussion, shortens it and saves valuable time and many financial costs.

Experience and in-depth familiarity with the procedures of the Ministry of the Interior will differentiate between short and successful treatment Vs. long procedure over valuable time.

Other factors affecting an attorney’s fee: recommended rate, scope of work required, complexity of matter and proximity to the center of the country.

A lawyer and his employees are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the information brought to their attention by the client. Confidentiality is intended to allow the client to unfold the full factual sheet before the attorney without fear that these will be used against him, and allow the attorney to provide the most complete and accurate legal service.


Immigration Lawyer -- David Angel Law&Notary Office: Working for you every single day

The law firm of David Angel is the leading law firm in civil status and immigration in Israel for the past two decades, with a reputation for many successes in the field, representing many clients before the Population Authority, the Court of Appeals, the Administrative Courts and the High Court.

The firm specializes in arranging status in Israel for foreign spouses of Israeli citizens, assists in proving Judaism and immigration to Israel, successfully handles refusal of entry and / or deportation from Israel and provides legal advice and comprehensive assistance in dealing with all civil status issues in Israel before the Population and Immigration Authority. And hundreds of satisfied customers.

You are welcome to contact us at any time for professional legal advice and assistance in our areas of expertise.


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